Web Traffic Monitor

How important is your Website? Is it for business or pleasure? If it’s for business, on a scale of one to ten, how important is it to your bottom line?

Chances are pretty good that if you found this site in a search, you’re looking to improve your Website, your bottom line, or both. If you’re looking for Web analytics information, then you are serious about your Website.

Until recently, most people had no idea that there was a way for the non-tech site owner to get deep data on their Website activity, and the few who knew about the log files desperately wanted to have the reports available without paying for log file analysis. But now there are several options for next generation Web metrics and traffic monitoring tools. They range from very easy to use, and inexpensive, to very complex and very costly.

If you’re looking for a good analytics solution, you must weigh several factors. Finding the right service to provide your site traffic and user behavior is fairly easy once you know what you need:

Is your Website a large part of your business?

Do you use online marketing and advertising?

Do you need to track users by geographic location?

Will it help you to know the search engines and keywords used to find your site?

How important is it for your customers to find specific information on your site?

Are you willing to wait for older report data, or do you want real-time, or live, reports?

Once you have a good idea of the kind of reports you need, you can start looking at the different hosted analytics services available. With a little bit of research, reading and comparing different Web analytics solutions, you will find a service that will give you the information you need to make a big difference in your Website performance…and you will learn things about your site and visitor behavior that will surprise you!

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